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Hey y’all! I have a few projects coming up, which aren’t stand up, but I’m super proud of and would love for you to see!

First, I’m the head writer and one of the producers of “The Barrettsville Public Access Pledge Drive”. It’s a final project comedy show I’ve been working on with my friend JR Witt, as well as a group of very talented writers and performers and we tape Friday, February 21 at 9pm. Now the show won’t air on MPTV until the next month (or so), but you can watch it being taped LIVE!! Just click here at 9pm on 2/21 and watch the magic happen!!

Second, I’m one of the writers and producers for the live late night talk show "The Goodnight Milwaukee Show with Jake Kornely & Tyler Menz” and we do our third show on Friday, February 28 at 9pm! We have games, guests and surprises you can only see if you come!! Click here for ticket information and know that we have sold out both shows, so buy your tickets now or you’ll have to wait until March!!

Finally, my good friend Ryan Lowe (@RyanLoweLW) has launched his new web series Adventure Team! This is a fun show and Ryan was nice enough to include me in the first episode!! It’s only 90 seconds, so click here to check it out!


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